Lineær Drive Nut (Lineær actuator)


Product features

  • Backlash-free,
  • low noise emission,
  • high efficiency due to rolling on the shaft,
  • travel and guide units,
  • can be freely moved on the shaft by using a release lever,
  • compact design,
  • installation does not require much space,
  • overload protection by slipping, side thrust can be multiplied by coupling several linear drive nuts,
  • different pitch settings available,
  • pitch can be set for either direction on the shaft,
  • good sealing properties against dust, dirt, humidity, etc.

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Wherever linear movements are required, the Uhing® linear drive nuts are a state-of-the-art alternative to hydraulic and pneumatic actuators, chain feeding systems and lead screws.

Uhing®-linear drive nuts (linear actuators) are non-positive drives which convert the rotation of a plain round shaft into a traversing movement.

This effect is achieved by using rolling rings that are mounted on roller bearings and have a specially shaped running surface. These rings are pressed against the shaft so that they roll on the surface of the shaft at a specific angle.