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Product features

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Thermex shell and tube heat exchangers can also be used for water to water heating or cooling. They are particularly ideal for use as jacket water heat exchanger, using water glycol mixtures cooled by raw sea water. If glycol or other corrosion inhibitors aren’t available then Thermex heat exchangers can be supplied with copper shells or other materials upon request.

Features of Thermex Water to Water Heat Exchangers include;

  • A choice of Copper or 90/10 Cupro-Nickel Tubes.
  • Naval brass tube plates
  • Aluminium or Copper shell
  • Cast iron or Gunmetal headers
  • Leak detection ring – standard on 2700 & 2800 Series. (Available for 2300 and 2500 Series if required)
  • Nitrile seals. (Viton seals are available for applications where operating temperatures > 100ºC)
  • Manufactured in England
  • Short delivery times available on many of our oil coolers

Other technical features;

  • Duty range – 3kW to 750kW (subject to flow rate and temperatures)
  • Working Pressure (Shell side) – 20 bar to 30 bar (Depending on Size)
  • Working Pressure (Tube side) – 10 bar