Titanium varmeveksler


Product features

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Thermex Heat Exchangers are now available with tube stacks made in Titanium.

 Features of the Marine Oil Coolers include;

  • Titanium tubes, 1/4″ diameter
  • Titanium tube plates
  • Aluminium shells Gun Metal (bronze) headers
  • Leak detection ring – standard on 2700 and 2800 series but also available for 2300 and 2500 series if required
  • Nitrile seals (Viton seal are available for applications where operating temperatures exceed 100ºC)
  • Manufactured in England
  • Quick delivery times available for most products

Other technical features;

  • Duty range – 3kW to 750kW (subject to flow rate and temperatures)
  • Sea Water Flow – 20 L/min to 800 L/min (Subject to number of tube-side passes)
  • High pressure designs available upon request