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Thermex Manifold Heat Exchangers can be supplied as an exhaust gas cooler or they can be combined with a heat exchanger to cool the engine jacket water also. Cooling the exhaust gas on a marine engine allows for a flexible exhaust pipe to be used instead of a rigid pipe which makes installation easier. Bringing the exhaust gas temperature down also reduces the risk of fire on board a marine vessel.

Cooling water can be sourced direct from the water upon which the vessel floats on or in the case of a keel-cooled system, the water is contained in a closed loop which is cooled by passing the water through a series of pipes in the vessel’s keel.

Thermex Manifold Heat Exchangers, aka “Manicoolers” are manufactured from our unique extruded shells which allows us to supply heat exchangers for a wide range of marine engines from 2 up to 6 cylinders without the cost of new tooling normally associated with new designs.