Product features

  • High-performance cooler net for a maximum static operating pressure of 26 bar in aluminium (Al)
  • Suitable for hydraulic oil, gear lubricant oil, lubricating oil, motor oil and water-glycine
  • Fan drive in 12 V, 24 V, 230 V/400 V and hydraulic drive
  • Easy maintenance and good options for cleaning
  • Low sound pressure level
  • CE certification
  • OAC with KTL Coating
  • The special dipping paint allows to protect those areas of the cooler which are difficult to access
  • The coolers are supplied with a special electric motor of protection class IP56
  • The extra protection coating does not have any effect on the efficiency of the cooler”

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KTR’s cooling systems were developed for stationary hydraulics and mobile machines. The application range of high-performance coolers is mainly cooling of hydraulic and lubricating grease, but also cooling of coolant, charge air or fuel. The cooling systems are individually developed, each depending on the application and taking into account the cooling power required, and adapted to the mounting space, if necessary.